Saturday, July 13, 2013

Lots and lots of things!

Hey guys!! So I totally slacked off again with the blog, so get ready for a semester's worth of work!!

I'll start with some work from Drawing for Animator's/Preproduction class... Last semester all of the Juniors worked on some great stories and concept art for senior thesis! I can't really show much about the story that I'm going with for thesis, but I CAN show you a derpy turtle that is in it!

Here's some other DFA work from a story that I didnt wind up going with, about a pair of pesky chupacabre's...

And while I'm at it, here's a few other things from DFA before I move on to animations...
Environments from Prepro

Color assignment

Value Assignment
Okay so here's some animations from last year!
Push Pull Exaggerated
We had to model, rig, texture, and light a scene where our character had to push, pull, or lift something... basically showing weight, in an exaggerated way.
Here's my lipsync! Again, had to model, rig, and texture ourselves in caricature form, and animate some dialogue! First 3d lipsync so... a little rough, but definitely fun to animate!
Here's take two-- we had to use our model and another student's model of the opposite gender, and both characters had to say the same word in a different way... I used Garret O'Neal's wonderful rig for the guy character.
And here's some of the process work for my caricature!

Turnaround for the model
Rendered image for color/texture reference.
That's about it guys-- thanks for taking a look if you made it this far! I really appreciate it! Onto year 4, senior thesis awaits!!

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