Thursday, May 10, 2012


Happy summer everyone!! Now that I'm left with free time and consistant nightmares about school work from last semester, I think it's time for a blog update!


This is the Artie Quadfecta. We had to use a fully rigged and modeled character that Ringling provided us. His name is Artie. We had to make him go into and slow out of a walk, as well as loop the walk, do a finger point, and a turn/take. This was a lot of fun since we got to focus purely on animation!


(you can see a better quality vid here.
Sit Stand! The big project of this semester... still needs some work, hopefully I can play with it over break. In this project we had to come up with a story that would require our character to sit down and stand up. Then we had to design, model, uv, rig, and animate that character in an environment that we had to model and light. So yeah, here's an old man. He dies. The end.


The Cemetery! We were given the environment, just had to texture and light everything, do a camera move and then composite with Nuke. I recommend watching this full screen on youtube because of how dark it is...

Still Life

And last but not least, the Still Life. We had arrange the models given to us, then texture and light it.

We had a lot of stuff for Concept class, but I'll put up some of my better animatics from class... it was a really fun semester for Concept.

Humpty Dumpty -- Contrast

The first project was to take a Nursery Rhyme and put a spin on it. Then we had to use all sorts of different techniques and create a new animatic every next class. It resulted in a total of 5 different animatics of the same story. I chose Humpty Dumpty, and made him a suicidal patient at a mental ward, while the Kings men were the doctors. This technique in the animatic is "Contrast". I contrasted the attitudes of the two characters, and it wound up being probably the most amusing one.


This was the Montage project. We had to base an animatic off of a song, a memory, or an abstract thought. Mine was a of a memory from being a camp counselor, and I fit it to the song California English by Vampire Weekend. Oh, you kids...

Sound Animatic

This was the first time the CA department has done this assignment. It was to create a beat with things in the environment that your character is either making or interacting with, but we still needed to include a clear story involving the noises...

So yeah, lots of stuff, was a good (tiring) year!! Now its time to sleep. Sleeeeeeeeep.... until next year.